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When you look at the Sardinia, this new frequency regarding remarriage would be partially told me by the women’s put on the island’s societal and you will financial life

When you look at the Sardinia, this new frequency regarding remarriage would be partially told me by the women’s put on the island’s societal and you will financial life

1H istorical research with the widowhood jump4love tarih giriЕџi and you will remarriage within the Italy is fragmentary, and historic demographers possess tended to run death and you will virility in lieu of relationships. Yet widowhood and you can reics that are influenced by the newest social structures additionally the particular ranks of individuals for the society. Starting out of this observance, Stanislao Mazzoni , Marco Breschi , Massimo Esposito and Lucia Pozzi analyse the newest Sardinian ics from widow and you may widower remarriage particularly. Due to in depth data of one’s parish and municipal registers of town of Alghero, the brand new authors restructure relationships fashion throughout the last half of nineteenth century and also the basic one-fourth of twentieth-century, immediately whenever registration of marriage ceremonies is interrupted by competition between Chapel and state. Using a micro-personal, longitudinal method, new experts reveal part of the functions regarding remarriage on area.

2The area from Sardinia means an especially interesting website with the examination of wedding conduct since the female played an exceptionally essential character during the Sardinian neighborhood when compared to most other Italian nations. Women was basically new reference point for the entire members of the family, and since of their very important and you can acknowledged character, these were will included in the heredity system (Weil Re, 1990; Murru Corriga, 1990; Oppo, 1990, 1993).

The second are a close completely unexplored trend for the area, plus in the entire regarding southern Italy

3The island society was characterized by a different sort of relationship techniques to one utilized in very components of Italy. Since the newest High Old, matrimony on island is actually famous to the neighborhood property regimen (Di Tucci, 1928). Wedding is identified as Sardinian (good sa sardisca), meaning that the fresh Sardinian way, in the place of Pisan wedding (a beneficial sa pisanisca), the average way of the fresh Tuscan town in addition to rest of Italy. The newest couple’s shared possessions were made right up besides of the thing one thing they’d each brought to the latest entales but also by the everything that the couple been able to collect once relationship, that has been entitled comporus.

4Both type of assets had been always considered as the house or property out-of the couple and you may were split up just as between the people (for instance the females) therefore the widowed companion in the course of succession (Miscali, 2008). Just after Italian unification, and with the advent of the fresh Civil Code (1865), there had been no higher alter on the Sardinian standard visualize nor so you’re able to matrimonial lifestyle. Many Sardinian partners recognized a great secular traditions and used the formula:

6Given the fresh distinct features and you may variations one to distinguish Sardinia on the rest of the country, this area means an appealing form on examination of nuptial character, specifically off remarriage, inside the historic context.

7This study centers on town of Alghero, an urban area towards the northern-western coastline out-of Sardinia, about many years pursuing the national unification up until the very first age regarding the twentieth century. We adopt a great longitudinal method considering a complex private dataset resulting from the brand new combination out-of civil and religious sources. The principal aim will be to choose new socio-demographic properties from widows and you may widowers and to see closely and this private and you may contextual properties led these to reconstruct their families once losing the first partner.

Off medieval minutes, female generally speaking got an energetic part for the loved ones decisions, such as the management of economic tips, and so they managed matchmaking within household members and community

8In the initial part of this particular article we temporarily talk about the prominent conclusions of the literary works into remarriage inside Italy and you can explain a few of the specificities of your Sardinian relationship model on earlier. The second area gift ideas town out of Alghero plus the supplies used in this research. Regarding last area, the results of a few statistical modeling is talked about.