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When you look at the Naruto’s Footsteps: The Friends’ Routes [ ]

When you look at the Naruto’s Footsteps: The Friends’ Routes [ ]

Main post: Cursed Warrior Extermination Objective From the cartoon, she is delivered to the purpose on the House out-of Birds having Naruto and you can Neji. In this mission, this new prospective out-of her taijutsu skills were shown whenever battled assassins also their unique great preciseness whenever she had the Cursed Warrior. When she, Naruto and you may Neji satisfied a pitfall that would maybe put regarding in the event that failed to struck wrongly, Tenten took they upon by herself to let on their own to pass just after precisely dismantling they. She after smacked Naruto for faking his or her own passing and you can advertised she is actually concerned about your. While this is actually true, she shown frustration toward Naruto and you can Neji for making her aside of their package.

Konoha Agreements Recapture Objective [ ]

Chief article: Konoha Agreements Recapture Purpose On cartoon, new Konoha eleven are produced along with her to avoid Genno away from bombing Konoha. Tenten is been shown to be an extremely eager observer, picking right up toward situations you to definitely anyone else skipped.

Menma Recollections Search Mission [ ]

Head article: Menma Thoughts Research Objective On anime, she, Neji and you can Naruto was basically allotted to escort Menma – an early on man who’s got amnesia – on House out-of Make.

Sunagakure Service Goal [ ]

Main article: Sunagakure Help Goal On the cartoon, Tenten are alone out of the Konoha eleven so you can be left from the purpose to keep Gaara’s scholar away from new Five Celestial Symbols Guys, and Tenten scolded Lee for it. Lee explained you to definitely Tenten are away on the several other mission and therefore would not came, in the event Tenten assaulted your anyway, making use of the Active Use of defeat him.

Interlude [ ]

Main post: During the Naruto’s Footsteps: The fresh Friends’ Pathways Regarding the cartoon, from the 2 yrs later, Tenten’s team inserted a young Chunin Examination managed ranging from Konoha and you will Sunagakure. To your basic examination, Tenten along with her teammates was indeed randomly put into some other bed room. Shikamaru, as the proctor, informed me that everyone simply needs to address one matter into try, however their team’s joint score need certainly to equal precisely 100 things to ticket. Neji chose to post vibrations from the wall to inform his team which question they have to for each and every respond to. After, Shikamaru coached group to resolve a plus matter of exactly what teammate would-be sacrificed once the an important, that that person might be disqualified. Tenten, becoming loyal, picked to not answer anyway, and in the end their party passes the first round. A race so you can Sunagakure was then awarded where just the very first 31 groups to arrive do be eligible for the next examination.

Sooner or later, Tenten’s group get to time for you to qualify. The have a glimpse at the link very next day, the second examination first started. For each team was for each and every offered sometimes a paradise otherwise Planet browse and you will was needed to obtain the lost browse and you will provide her or him toward chief building of the Demon Wasteland within three days. Since the Neji’s group first started searching for opponents, they were in the future came across because of the a Suna-nin cluster. Sen got rid of a beneficial genjutsu, discussing to help you Tenten’s party that they was basically status from inside the quicksand and you can was in fact pulled toward Mud Waterfall Pit. Immediately following dealing with to leave this new gap, they found Team Shira and you will stored him or her using their treacherous other Suna-nin. While the Neji requested as to the reasons they assaulted Shira’s party anyway, it absolutely was explained that they had zero value to own Shira since good ninja since the he stored no ability for the ninjutsu nor genjutsu.

Identifying Shira’s comparable battles, Lee angrily went following the other Suna-nin. Tenten and you may Shira’s groups in the near future caught up into the overzealous Lee and you can spared him from the Suna-nin’s category assault. After the most other Suna-nin remaining, Lee challenged Shira, which the latter cheerfully accepts. Tenten try amazed at exactly how equivalent the two battled. If the several taijutsu fighters began supposed all of the-away, Lee which have five of Seven Gates and you will Shira playing with their self-composed 7 Sky Breathing Strategy, the fight is in the course of time entitled regarding.